Are you looking for assistance or resources for an individual who is struggling on their road to recovery?

Our Programs

We seek to develop initiatives that will move the needle and make a significant impact on recovery in Kansas City. We are building a comprehensive and holistic approach that will offer multiple avenues to sustain those on the recovery journey. Be Free is employing best practices, proven programs, and we have a willingness to innovate to develop strong Kansas City’s recovery support infrastructure.

Be Free is now undertaking two of its most important initiatives. One will focus on expanding structured recovery housing and the second on providing “get well’ jobs for those in early recovery. 

Scalable Structured

Recovery Housing

Kansas City has a chronic shortage of structured recovery housing. To address this chronic shortage, Be Free, with the help of our partner, the Fletcher Group, has developed a plan to take a significant chunk from this backload adding 10 additional houses, serving 70 to 100 residents.

Timeline: Our housing program is set to launch in late 2022

Be Free
Back to Work Program

Giving individuals a chance to get back on their feet, Be Free will offer vocational programs to people in recovery that are both employed or unemployed.

Community partners through arrangements with Be Free will have access to the participants in the Be Free jobs program. Be Free will have partnerships with many community employers. Be Free aims to make a difference by having the employers make contributions to the return to work program, and the participants gain the skills and knowledge to be able to find jobs on their own.

Timeline: Our Back To Work program is set to launch in early 2023

Be Free Online

A Safe Space Online

Be Free Online is a social networking and resource platform for individuals on the path to recovery to meet peers and discover available resources. It will operate via web and mobile applications, just like Facebook or LinkedIn. Be Free and the SAFEProject, a national nonprofit, signed an MOU in September 2020 to develop two separate applications. The audience for the first application is college-age students. The second is focused on those high-school age.

Timeline: The collegiate application is near full release.
The high school application is near the Beta testing phase.

Physically Free

Be Free wants Kansas City to have a community of physically active individuals seeking sustained recovery. Physical activities might include strength training, CrossFit, golf, biking, yoga, running, and others. The intent is to use fitness to help build new friendships, relationships and to overcome the stigma of substance use. We expect the power of physical activity and social connections to help build a culture of individuals willing to help others sustain recovery.

The Phoenix organization has built such successful/impactful communities across the U.S. that Be Free is committed to developing such a community here.

Timeline: This could easily occur in 2022.

Recovery High School

A recovery high school is a secondary school for students in recovery. Be Free received a technical assistance grant from the Opioid Response Network for a feasibility study on Kansas City. The results clearly demonstrated the need for such a school in Kansas City. The study also provided a road map for the development of such a school but did not identify funding.

Legislation to provide reliable funding passed both the House and Senate Education Committees unanimously in 2022. The legislation is now an integral part of the Education Omnibus bills. Legislative leadership is optimistic of passage this session.

Timeline: Eighteen (18) months after passage of the legislation.

Be Free Center

Kansas City’s Physical Face of Recovery

The Center will help those with substance use disorders and their families identify, access, and navigate a wide range of services to sustain their recovery.

Timeline: The year 2026.

We exist to sustain

recovery journeys.

By expanding access to whole-human resources, we support each person as they navigate a substance-free lifestyle. You can help us accomplish our mission, by donating to our organization. Your dollars will go directly towards supporting the launch of these programs.

Connecting Your Loved Ones To Us

Are you looking for assistance or resources for an individual who is struggling on their road to recovery?

Making a commitment to recovery is saying, “Yes,” to a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. There are ups and downs, forks in the road, and difficult choices to be made. If you know someone who needs us, please fill out our contact form below and a representative will be in touch.

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