Are you looking for assistance or resources for an individual who is struggling on their road to recovery?

We are a Metro Kansas City initiative dedicated to sustaining those on the recovery journey.

We want each person to honor and accept their life path, live into their purpose, and share their unique gifts with the world.

Our Purpose

We exist to sustain recovery journeys.

Our Mission

By expanding access to whole-human resources, we support each person as they navigate a substance-free lifestyle.

Our Vision

We see a world in which everyone knows the pride and dignity of fully embracing their precious life.

The Problem

In the Kansas City area, those in need of treatment services for substance use disorders (SUD) exceed 157,000, with only 8 percent able to access treatment services (SAMHSA 2020). More disturbing is that more than 65 percent of patients relapse following care according to national statistics.

The demand for more and different types of recovery services far exceeds our community’s ability to respond.

We seek to be the organization that helps each person on the road through recovery — beyond treatment and simple sobriety and into a renewed sense of freedom.

How We Help

We evaluate what those seeking sustained recovery need most.


Our programs allow them the chance to get support in a way that meets their needs.


We’re able to walk with them on the path to recovery and be their biggest cheerleaders.


Supporting The Road To Recovery

We seek to be the organization in Kansas City that helps each person on the road through recovery–beyond treatment and simple sobriety and into a renewed sense of freedom.

When people continue on this journey, they come to recognize and honor their precious life, while making an impact on the world.

What We’re Building

Be Free is not seeking incremental change. We seek to develop initiatives that move the needle and make a significant impact.

Two major Be Free initiatives, recovery housing and a metro-wide recovery high school, are fast-approaching implementation. We anticipate our first house will begin accepting residents in late 2023, and the recovery high school is slated to open in the fall of 2024. 

Scalable, Structured Recovery Housing

Our goal is to develop a scalable, structured recovery housing program to address the chronic recovery housing shortage across Kansas City. To that end, recently Be Free was awarded a $694,000 grant from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disabilities (KDAD) to open 3-5 structured recovery homes primarily in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.  The first residence will open in 2023.

Back To Work Program

To complement the housing initiative, Be Free is developing a high-quality “get well” jobs program for those in early recovery. This will include pre-employment, placement, and retention services.

What Our Partners Say

UNC Horizons provides world class empowering and transformational interdisciplinary care to women and children affected by substance use disorders.

The Fletcher Group (FGI) is the nation’s foremost advisor for recovery housing. They are a national nonprofit funded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), a division of HHS. FGI is the home to the Rural Center of Excellence for Recovery Housing. FGI is providing support to Be Free’s effort to develop a scalable structured housing for two rural counties plus Wyandotte and Johnson counties in KS. FGI’s Be Free support is done through funding help from HRSA and the Opioid Response Network.

"Be Free’s work is to create lifelong opportunities and resources for those on their recovery Journey. "

Dr. Hendree’ Jones,

Executive Director, UNC Horizons

"Be Free’s work in Kansas City is vital for those with substance use disorders and their families to thrive."

Bethany Andell

CEO, Savage Brands

"I am so excited to find that Kansas City has somebody’s passion as Lou’s about building Be Free, about really understanding that we need a community to help sustain recovery journeys."

Ron Hill

Parent and Board Member

"The impact that we want to make with Be Free is to help support the students in Kansas City, those that are in college campuses so they cannot only get into recovery but can have a sustained recovery lifestyle where they can dream."

Sharon Weber

Founder, The Haven at College

"Be Free is laser-focused on ensuring individuals in or seeking recovery have every support possible to empower their success, and I am honored to be a part of Be Free."

Brandy Izquierdo

Former CEO, The SAFEProject

How You Can Help

Do you have skills or relationships that would help Be Free grow and better serve those seeking sustained recovery?

To develop and manage initiatives that have a significant impact requires leadership and vision, it requires not only a CEO but a team. Our most critical need is financial support for our core budget.

Contact Be Free about how you believe you can help.

Connecting Your Loved Ones To Us

Are you looking for assistance or resources for an individual who is struggling on their road to recovery?


Making a commitment to recovery is saying, “Yes,” to a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. There are ups and downs, forks in the road, and difficult choices to be made. If you know someone who needs us, please fill out our contact form below and a representative will be in touch.

How You Can Help