Are you looking for assistance or resources for an individual who is struggling on their road to recovery?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your tax ID number and is my donation tax-deductible? Is Be Free a 501c3?

Our Tax ID number is 83-1910146 and yes, donations are tax-deductible. Be Free obtained its 501c3 status from the IRS in July of 2019. Please reach out to our team and we’re happy to help answer additional questions.

Where does the money go when I donate to Be Free?

Be Free’s most critical need is funding our core budget. Each operating initiative requires oversight and management. New initiatives require outreach, research, development, and funding.

We hope you will contribute to Be Free’s core budget to allow us to develop and grow recovery supports for Kansas City.

How can I partner with Be Free?

Financial contributions are always important no matter what the size. Do you have skills, experience, or relationships that would help Be Free? Please use the Contact Us section to let us know about your ideas.

How can I make a donation? Can I donate if I live outside of the United States?

You can donate online, regardless of whether you live in the US or not by clicking this LINK.

Who can I reach out to if I know someone in my life who is struggling with recovery or treatment?

First Call, Midwest Recovery Centers, and Advent Health- Behavioral Health. 

Tell me about your Mission?

Those who are recovering from SUD are an important part of our communities and have so much potential within them. We want to see each person who experiences Be Free honoring and accepting their life path, living into their purpose, and sharing their unique gifts with the world. When they have pride and dignity in who they are and their life experiences, their recovery is sustainable, and they are unstoppable.

Who runs Be Free?

The day-to-day operations of Be Free are led by our CEO Brandon Scarborough with supervision by the Be Free Board of Directors.

How you can help?

Do you have skills or relationships that would help Be Free grow and better serve those seeking sustained recovery?

To develop and manage initiatives that have a significant impact requires leadership and vision, it requires not only a CEO but a team. Our most critical need is financial support for our core budget.

Contact Be Free about how you believe you can help.

How long until Be Free’s programs and services are available to those in need?

Our first recovery residences will come online in the fourth quarter of 2023. The target date to open the recovery high school is for the Fall Semester of 2024.  

Connecting Your Loved Ones To Us

Are you looking for assistance or resources for an individual who is struggling on their road to recovery?


Making a commitment to recovery is saying, “Yes,” to a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. There are ups and downs, forks in the road, and difficult choices to be made. If you know someone who needs us, please fill out our contact form below and a representative will be in touch.

How You Can Help